We can:

  • Repair your computer and
  • Solve general computer problems
  • Remove spyware, viruses & malicious software from your PC
  • Recover data from damaged hard drives
  • Revive ‘dead’ and unresponsive computers
  • Fix WiFi & broadband issues
  • Replace laptop screens
  • Replace laptop and desktop hard drives
  • Upgrade  graphics cards and install dual monitors
  • Supply Computers, Printers, External Hard Drives and WIFI mice
  • Service your computer
  • Our Computer Service works in a similar way to having your car serviced.                   The service is designed to help improve both the performance and the life of your computer. We will give your computer a comprehensive check over and ensure that your computer is performing as it should. We make sure that there are no viruses or spyware on the computer and  that all security software is completely up to date. We will clean up the disk and rid your computer of unnecessary files that take up much needed hard drive space.

Call Ged on:  01225 571 591 or  07766704423

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