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                                 Take a look at the stunning new Huawei Mate x

                                                            Just released in Barcelona!

  • 85% charged in 30 minutes!
  • But it will cost you around – £2000
  • Protect yourself from Ransomware, as seen attacking  NHS computers a couple of years ago. Never click on links from within emails and take care what you download and from which website and always back up your files – either to the cloud or to an external hard drive. 

1111                                     See Identifying Scams for more details.

  • There are still some computer owners running  Windows Vista and Windows XP  but as support for these has now finished it is absolutely not advisable to keep using them for banking or for paying for goods online.


  • Some Apple computers can be exposed to the dangers from the “Flashback” virus.  Apple Mac users are advised to use anti malware protection. See link below for more info:


  • FINALLY ….The latest news from Apple and Microsoft and wow now even Donald Trump, is that no computer is entirely safe. I think most of us knew this already….
  • But it could be argued that the only way to be 100% safe is to have a  computer with all your data on, that never  connects to the internet! 


  • So why not think about buying  a second HP computer from us that you can surf with on the internet but has no data stored on it. Certainly worth a thought and we can supply laptops and desktops for you.